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Mien Shiang: Face Reading – How it Works

In our quest to self-realisation or self-preservation, we strengthen our intuition by learning to read the signs. Knowing what to look for.

The actualisation of the physical self, the mask / persona we wear daily, the identity are 1st house affairs – and I believe in the wisdom of the recorded ancient civilisations, such as this Chinese one about facial features.

Book of Research

Face and Body reading, otherwise known as physiognomy, has been around for centuries.

Mien Shiang is a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice that means literally face (mien) reading (shiang). In just moments, one can determine anyone’s Wu XingFive Element personality typetheir character, behavior, and health potential — by analyzing their face.

Mr GuiguziClassic Chinese Face Reading originally derived from Daoist philosophy, and the oldest Chinese writing on this topic is commonly credited to Mr. Guiguzi (Ghost Valley Scholar: 481-221 BC), whose work is still in print to this very day.

In recent times the art of Face Reading is becoming more and more popular. Schools that teach Mien Shiang are becoming more wide spread. Face mapping is rapidly taking center stage at spas and clinics, and combines ancient Chinese medicine and clinical dermatological procedures.


The five elements

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