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I use ‘Horoscope’, ‘Natal Chart’ And ‘Birth Chart’ with complete interchangeable ease – excessive at times – please bear with me. They all refer to the same thing.

1) Personal Natal Chart

A comprehensive personal analysis as guided by The Luminaries and their Planets. What fascinates me about Astrology is how it validates what Psychology says we are – in a non mainstream manner of empowering us to live dressed in our ‘infit’ while maintaining serenity externally.

As I go with my flow I’m always available on e-mail. I may be writing your report sitting on the grass under the wide black sky with Orion and the Southern Cross showering me with inspiration from above. That is the way of a Gemini Ascendant ☺

Your natal chart is made up of the zodiac wheel, which has 12 signs. It also has 12 houses, one of each presents a portion of our lives we need to understand and flow with to feel fulfilled. That times 12 makes what Astrology calls a Map of the Heavens – with you in the middle, trying to make sense of it all. Then there are 9 planets and a number of asteroids whose effects – wherever placed on the chart are either malefic (character building) or benefic (the nod) – find home in our 12 houses. So, your report discusses your houses, planets and asteroids, as well as how they interact with each other (aspects). The Natal Chart reveals invaluable insight on (but not limited to) these areas of one’s life:

i) Your physical and psychological make up. How you present yourself to the world.

ii) How you are at home, at work and in social situations (relationships). Why?

iii) Your soul fire. What makes you tick? Are your standards of success defined by your inner voice? Do they predominantly come from the outer environment? If the latter applies, do these standards and expectations find a comfortable home within you upon receipt?

All these questions and many more can be revealed by your chart. Only you know what’s really happening inside you, even when you think you don’t. Before we can get a grip of what we are really about in the wider scope of life, we have to understand our personal maps…our Life Paths.

Astrology is a powerful tool for introspection and evaluation of patterns (personal and collective). It’s one of many. It even has various categories that do not appeal to every Astrologer. We all get to choose what works best for us. FREE-WILL is a gift we each have. I will include your Numerology profile in your Natal Chart Report. This is an information-sharing age!

Get your fully customised report for $70  / R900.

The current anticipation period is just 5 days for a complete report (~30 pages).

For queries and orders, I’m here luluscope@gmail.com

2) Business Astrology:

Just as a personal birth chart can help align you with your true purpose, a birth chart for your business can be that aligning factor between you (the individual) and your business (the collective). One doesn’t operate without the other. This is a symbiotic relationship, and so is life.

Are you a match?

Are the planets in the mood to give you both what you want?

This is a marriage. Right?

The answers lie within. However, business gets even the best of us, and we feel like the grip is loosening just a little…or a lot! Our right brains – our intuition – become redundant. Without nurtured intuition every decision is left to the logical brain on the left.

So, while everyone in the business world tends to err on the side of logic more often than not, it is possible to use ‘intuitive logical tools’ like Astrology to achieve a balanced blend of logic (the hard numbers/facts) and intuition (planetary guides) to get to the big picture through mundane, but necessary everyday steps. Most successful business people start here.

I also have a passion for creating business plans – in particular, killer marketing plans. Although I never recommend a marketing plan by itself.

Your business’ horoscope can be analysed in line with your existing business plan for greater emphasis and clarity.

Packages are customised according to your needs and costs are discussed with those in mind.  Just say when!

Lulu | luluscope@gmail.com 

3) Short and long term planetary effects on your specific Horoscope.

You may have read a monthly horoscope from a magazine and thought, “argh, this is all jibrish”. That reading is done at a place in time. It won’t necessarily match your life every time…it’s generic. The best way to plan for days, months or years ahead is by first having your personal Horoscope, then matching that to the planetary events of the moment in question. These planetary events are called Transits. Planets (including Earth) the Moon and asteroids are always orbiting the Sun (Father of the Solar System). The orbit periods vary widely. So, there are fast and slow planets. Fast planets affect our need for order – right now! Slow planets build character over time. They confuse us, they empower us, they make us feel misunderstood, they make us assertive in quiet knowing ways. They are there with us for the longhaul.

Wouldn’t you like to know for just $50 / R600 per year?

Astrology is a game of variables. There are various paths to walk to a destination, all open to each one of us. The variables that are suited to you will guide what no longer serves you and what needs nurturing.

Positive vibes, all the way to wherever you are!