The Scope

The right side is always the right side.

Post written on May 12, 2017

My Entomology lecturer, for 3 of the 6 years I studied the behaviour of living things – Prof Waladde – taught me one thing I never forgot – The Right Side is Always the Right Side.

This of course, had to do with insects. That was his way of making us, his students, remember how to pin beetles (on the right side) for lab specimens. Hpwever, life would be so meaningless; studying would be meaningless if I didn’t learn to incorporate lessons from various subjects of life into “how does this relate to the wider scope of things?”

This beetle teaching resonated with a lot of aspects of my life, as I navigated through adulthood, with the only compass I had – and have learnt to trust on countless occasions – instinct. The right side, instinct, is always the right side. 

It’s the feeling we have when we meet someone we are smitten with, who says or does one thing that doesn’t merge smoothly with who we are – no matter how small, or seemingly insignificant – only to learn months or years later that, that little voice we doubted is our basic foundation. It’s what has protected us from starvation and complex illnesses, because we were born knowing how to cry when we were hungry. No one taught us that – except maybe, for the nurse who spanked your bum at birth, because you weren’t in the mood to say ‘hello world!’ yet. We knew how to act bothered when we were not feeling at ease, making mommy run to the doctor, only to save us from something that could have been a potential danger if we hadn’t cried. 

The Moon represents our instinct, our primal selves, before we were civilised, before we were taught how to be – at home, at school, on the streets. She answers the question: “how do I know that this is the best decision to make?”

The answer was provided beautifully by Esther Hicks a few years ago in the video of The Secret, when she said…

You can always tell by the way you are feeling if the thing you’re thinking about will please you when you get there.

It’s been at least 2 years since I watched the video, so please pardon me if I got some words wrong. I hope that I relayed the message clearly enough though!

I say, someone else can determine how you feel in a moment. They can affect how you feel. But, only you know how you should feel. Only you know what makes your soul joyful. Only you can determine your infit (your soul’s outfit). Only you know yourself! Even when you don’t believe it. In fact, I believe that whenever we doubt ourselves, we attract more doubt into our lives to prove that we are right. 

I almost fell off a cliff at Gough Island in 2000, only because for a moment I had forgotten that I’d taken trips on a rubber duck around the island with only a life jacket as protection. However, even though I couldn’t swim, and still can’t, I signed up for the expedition knowing very well that I’d be floating on a ship over the Atlantic Ocean for 2 weeks before reaching land. That didn’t threaten me one little bit! I didn’t even get sea sick. I trusted that the same Source of the inspiration to go on the expedition would protect me! But in a moment of doubt, I forgot about the God I always trusted to carry me. I allowed doubt! He didn’t want me to go tumbling down a cliff onto ocean boulders and vanish, so he sent Richard – a teammate – to save the day. That moment was the beginning of a not-so-always-easy reminder to diminish self-doubt. I’m still learning to remember!

Fear and self doubt are ego issues! Only and evolved ego can overcome fear and doubt, and that means going back to the Source and allowing what is be!

Whenever we attract star boys,  then freak out when they are being uhm, star boys, we really need to just do a recon, and figure out why we attract people we believe to be bad for us!

Do we question them because of how they make us feel?

Do we question them because of what we’ve been taught (conditioning)?

Do we attract them because we need them to remind us of who we are? The thing that makes us question our beliefs.

Do we attract them for reasons that are so innate that only we can unpack?

That’s my natal Scorpio Moon speaking, which happens to be conjunct the transiting Moon in Scorpio – loads of intense introspection. Thank goodness for the transiting Mercury being direct – he brings out the talkative Gemini Ascendant I am – which is definitely different to his retrograde motion that tends to bring out my Virgo more.

I’m sure you get me ❤♏




Intuitive Flow

As I process and refine feelings, emotions (Moon) and thoughts (Mercury) I’m amazed at the way aspects work! We feel them. We can always tell when our planets form hard aspects, and when they form easy ones.

The basics of the horoscope – the skeleton – lie in understanding the functions of each planet (their energies) and the placement of these energies in the zodiac signs and houses.

It’s simple, really, once a deep understanding of each planet’s behaviour, the zodiac personalities and the house affairs is established. Aspects formed by transits become so intuitive that looking at a transit chart just becomes a practical, tangible way of confirming the same invisible energies we walk around with – even when we are away from technology.

Uranus still rules technology, originality and sudden changes – whether we are blanketed by electric wires in the city or sheltered by a weeping willow next to the river, with only natural electricity (lightning) as a possibility.

Below is an easy to remember list of the traits of each planet, sun sign and house. 

*You can download an image file for easy reference.

With time (Saturn), I can guarantee that your intuitive flow will have words to describe it! So, here goes…


Sun – vitality, basic personality, creative energy, radiance.

Leo – generous, warm, creative, enthusiastic.

5th creation, procreation, recreation, love affairs, one’s children, creative expression, luck and speculation.

Moon – emotions, moods, feelings.

Cancer – emotional, intuitive, imaginative, loving.

4th roots, ancestry, home, domestic affairs, the nurturing parent, family life.

Mercury (Gemini & Virgo)  communication, logic, rational mind, intellect.

Gemini – adaptable, versatile, eloquent, youthful.

3rd exchange, perception, mental aptitudes, early childhood, siblings, everyday communication, early education.

Virgo – modest, shy, meticulous, practical, diligent.

6th discernment, work, health, employee.

Venus (Taurus & Libra) – love, affection, attraction, beauty, sharing.

Taurus – patient, reliable, warm, persistent, security-conscious.

2nd attachment, values, own money, material security.

Libra – diplomatic, easygoing, charming, strives for balance.

7th companionship, cooperation, relationships, partnerships, marriage partner, contracts, joint ventures.

Mars – action, physical energy, strength.

Aries – energetic, adventurous, courageous, dynamic.

1st actualisation, appearance, projected behaviour and persona (the mask), temperament.

Jupiter – expansion, luck, benevolence, generosity, growth, wisdom.

Sagittarius – free, optimistic, jovial, honest, straightforward.

9th meaning, culture, religion, philosophy, publishing, higher learning, distant travel, foreign countries.

Saturn – concentration, effort, time, restriction.

Capricorn – practical, prudent, disciplined, patient.

10th advancement, destiny, reputation, social status, fame, the other parent, employer.

Uranus – originality, individuality, sudden change, the unexpected.

Aquarius – friendly, humanitarian, eccentric, inventive.

11th goals, fellowship, friends, associations, hopes, wishes.

Neptune – escapism, dreams, intuition, inspiration.

Pisces – imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, intuitive.

12th dreams, integration, the unknown, subconscious mind, hidden resources.

Pluto – transformation (over time), elimination,mutation, regeneration, power.

Scorpio – determined, intuitive, forceful, passionate.

8th empowerment, detachment, other people’s money, wills, legacies, taxes, debt, sex.

Notice how I erred on the positive side of things?

Well, that’s because intuitive flow feels good! Negative qualities of any sign manifest when we aren’t living by our own flow – our life path – our North Node.

Peace and Harmony ✌♎



Intuitive Flow with the Moon

The Moon rules Cancer. Cancer rules the 4th house (home). She’s exalted in Taurus.

The Moon is associated with:

  • Emotions
  • Intuition
  • Sensitivity
  • Instinct
  • Imagination
  • Unconscious choice
  • Everyday mood
  • The feminine side of each of us – just as we all have the X chromosome (males and females alike).

The Moon, which has come to be known as The Mother – in my home – holds as much importance for a woman as The Ascendant and The Sun do. It is our ‘inward personality’.

For a man it represents his mother, his relationships with women, and later (or sooner) his wife. Either way, if you are a man you are probably affected by the effects of the Moon on the females around you (post puberty, at least). We PMS together – directly or indirectly.

I love how altruistic we are, especially when we nurture the innate caring we all have for beings we have no understanding of. When we feel disturbed by the sight of a crying child, even when they aren’t ours! When we offer to carry a shopping bag for an elderly lady – not for show – but because that’s what makes us human. In that moment we don’t care about her swinging her stick up in the air, because we are “crowding her” or even “giving her nerves”. The only thing we care about is what’s right, and that’s landing a hand with lightness of heart! Chances are that the stick will stay on the ground (its rightful place) when one approaches with clean intentions. Elderly women are after all, as intuitive as one can get. This ” attitude” is known as Ubuntu in Southern Africa. This is the function of The Mother, The Moon. She tunes us up with our primal selves.
Here are some activities that are suited to each phase of the Moon:

The New Moon – March 27th 2017, 29 days old, 1% visible.

  • Begin new things.
  • Be spontaneous.

The Waxing Crescent Moon – March 29th 2017, 31 days old, 3% visible.

  • During
  • Implement initial plans.

The 1st Quarter Moon – was on March 4th

  • Address problems.
  • Lay foundations.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon – was on March 7th

  • Adjust.
  • Refine.

The Full Moon (today, March 13th 2017, 100% visible, 15 days old)

  • Fulfillment.
  • Unraveling.
  • Revealing.

The Waning Gibbous Moon, March 14th 2017, 16 days old, 97% visible.

  • Get social period.
  • Sharing and understanding.

The Last Quarter Moon – March 19th 2017, 21 days old, 62% visible.

  • Let go.

The Waning Crescent Moon – March 22nd 2017, 24 days old, 33% visible.

  • Rest.
  • Reflect.

On March 12th 2017, the Moon entered Virgo. In this placement, which holds for the next 2 months or so, the Moon’s introspection takes play, emphasising the qualities of:

  • The inner warrior,
  • Positive self-criticism,
  • The strength to rise up by oneself,
  • Self healing.

Of course, these qualities will manifest differently for everyone, depending on the numerous variables we call aspects. However, without being excessive, this period encourages us to reclaim our self-worth.

It is a time for self-reflection. A time to do unto others as we’d like done unto us. Because only, when we get that right can we give and expect the same from others.

The energies of understanding, criticism, deep thought, reflection and nourishment are turned inward when the Moon is in Virgo.

This is contrary to the I AM energies of Aries; his ruler, Mars; and his house, the first – which are masculine, highly charged, even aggressive. Virgo energy is sharp – she is ruled by Mercury after all – but feminine. This is the inner warrior, a hero to self. With the Moon in her company all that sharpness runs deep within.